Star Trek: Voyager – S03E04, The Swarm

And here’s another mixed bag. There are some absolutely unmissable moments but they’re part of a non-compelling story. However, thanks to an interesting development of the character of Captain Janeway, I’m inclined towards a positive opinion on the episode. On the other hand, the part of the story that works best has the Doctor as … More Star Trek: Voyager – S03E04, The Swarm

Star Trek: Voyager – S02E25, Resolutions

In Resolutions there are certain things that work, and many others that don’t. Which is something that actually defines the whole Season 2 of Star Trek: Voyager, which offered us some quality peaks (like Deadlock and Meld) together with some terrible episodes (above all, Elogium, Parturition, and Threshold). But let’s get to Resolutions! Chakotay and … More Star Trek: Voyager – S02E25, Resolutions