Star Trek: Voyager – S01E16, Learning Curve

And here’s the first season finale! “Only” 16 episodes this time, there will be more in the following seasons. And, sadly, the ending isn’t that great, I thought that Star Trek: Voyager could do better. Learning Curve tries to use two excellent ideas but fails to anything exciting with them. It takes advantage of both … More Star Trek: Voyager – S01E16, Learning Curve

Star Trek: Voyager – S01E13, Cathexis

Cathexis couldn’t start any worse: Janeway‘s in the holodeck (again! There’s nothing else to do on Voyager, the Heroes and Demons’ lesson hasn’t been learned) and participates in the most boring program of the history of Star Trek. Really, I can’t imagine anything worse than Janeway’s program, even though deep down it suits the gray … More Star Trek: Voyager – S01E13, Cathexis