Star Trek: Voyager – S02E17, Dreadnought

Dreadnought is the third episode about B’Elanna Torres and focuses on her incredible engineering skills as in Prototype, while Faces took advantage of the character’s partial Klingon nature. Just like in Prototype, the plot revolves around technology taking over humanity, but in this case it’s all about the artificial intelligence of a computer rather than … More Star Trek: Voyager – S02E17, Dreadnought

Star Trek: Voyager – S02E08, Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision has some interesting ideas but its plot is not entirely convincing. The USS Voyager is preparing to enter Bothan territory but Janeway is stressed out: she has a thousand things to do and she doesn’t have enough time to dedicate to all those who seek her. In particular, she’s working hard to … More Star Trek: Voyager – S02E08, Persistence of Vision