Manhattan: Movie Review

Manhattan (1979) is Woody Allen’s ninth directorial effort, his first shot in black and white. It’s a romantic comedy that follows all the rules of the genre, including the finale with the male protagonist running towards the female protagonist to declare his eternal love. Yet, it’s also an amazing movie and we could talk about … More Manhattan: Movie Review

Tootsie: Movie Review

For a long time I’ve avoided watching movies starring Dustin Hoffman because I didn’t like the voice of his Italian dubbing actor. When some years ago I started watching all movies in their original language, I was finally able to appreciate the talent of the great Dustin Hoffman. Tootsie, the 1982 film directed by Sidney … More Tootsie: Movie Review

College: Movie Review

College is a 1927 film starring Buster Keaton directed officially by James Horne (but in fact by Buster Keaton himself). It’s one of the films of the artist’s early golden period, when he had complete artistic freedom working for United Artists (which he did until 1929). The plot is as follows. Roland (Buster Keaton) is … More College: Movie Review